Using the Case Study Provided at the End of the Module Identify and Explain the Client’s Issues and Devise a Course of Treatment for Him, Taking Into Account Any Ethical Issues

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  • Published : June 18, 2012
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Using the case study provided at the end of the module identify and explain the client’s issues and devise a course of treatment for him, taking into account any ethical issues.

Mr X is a 45 year old estate agent who has been with the same company for eighteen years and has a number of issues. He has reservations about applying for the manager’s job despite a deep rooted knowledge that he can do the job, he has social issues with his colleagues and it appears other areas of his life too. Despite his age he still seems to be under the spell of his mother and appears to pay to much attention to her beliefs rather than his own. His personal life is also one for concern as he doesn’t seem to be in control of his own destiny regarding his relationship with his girlfriend. He came to me in my capacity as a hynotherapist because he has a huge desire to change his circumstances. He knows he has issues and wants to know if and how I could help him. There does not appear to be much understanding by Mr X as to why he lives the way he does and why he feels so negatively about all aspects of his life. However, he does seem to have some appreciation that the way he thinks about life and his self perception are holding him back from living the life he wants to be living and should be living. His behaviour patterns seem to be deep rooted within. His self perception is preventing him from moving forward with his life and embracing opportunities that are in front of him resulting in this impacting negatively on both his work and private life. I believe that Mr X requires a course of treatment that will have a positive impact on all areas of his life and that is what I shall be outlining and explaining throughout this essay. As an ethical therapist, I established during the initial consultation that Mr X was not taking any prescription drugs or being treated for depression. The ethical code dictates that I would not be able to treat Mr X if there were any indicators of depression or psychoses. As a hypnotherapist it is important to ensure that only people that suffer with neurosis are treated. Anyone that I considered to be suffering with psychoses would always be referred to the relevant professional. These things were explored and established during the notation. I identified and diagnosed then during the initial consultation with Mr X that he suffers with a terrible lack of self esteem and confidence. He needs to have confidence in his own worth and ability and the positive feeling that arises from such self assurance. “How we feel about ourselves ripples out into every area into every area of our lives.” (Chrysalis Course Notes: Module 4). This can be said of Mr X, his self esteem and confidence problems are affecting all aspects of his life and this need is to be addressed. “Self-esteem is one of the fundamental influences on nearly everything you do.   When your self-esteem is low, almost all areas of your life – working, socialiazing, loving – are made more difficult.” (Hadley and Staudacher: 2001) His issues seem to be engrained in him and through my treatment I will be aiming to re programme his negative belief system. Mr X needs to have confidence in what he can achieve rather than a fear of failure. The negative thoughts about his capabilities and the way others perceive him need to be altered. I need to reach deep into Mr X’s subconscious mind to untangle the fear relating to his ability to succeed in every aspect of his life. His negative outlook needs changing. During the initial consultation with Mr X I concluded after going through the questionnaire with him that I believe him to be of a primary visual modality and therefore my PMR would reflect this. The language of the PMR would focus on words such as look, imagine, watch and see. It was also during the initial consultation that I came to the conclusion that...
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