Using Material from Item a and Elsewhere, Access Sociological Explanations of the Nature and Extent of Family Diversity Today

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Using material from item A and elsewhere, access sociological explanations of the nature and extent of family diversity today.

Families today are becoming increasingly more diverse and there are different sociological views from different groups such as, rapoports, functionalists and feminists. The rapoports believe in the importance of family and how important it is in society today. And see diversity as a very important and made to help people in needs and wants. Unlike functionalists who believe in the traditional family ( the nuclear one ). They believe that we have moved away from the dominant nuclear family type, to a range of different ones that are more diverse. These include: Organisational are when the roles in the family are organised and given out to the husband and wife. Cultural, where there is difference in culture, religion and ethnicity. These have created family structure, like multi-ethnic, and female headed households. Social class, where the income differences between households of class differences in child rearing practices. Life stage, the family structure that differs in age, from newly wed - retired. And finally generational, older and younger generations a have different attitudes and experiences that reflect the historical period in which they live.

And contrasting the rapoports belief, new right and functionalists appose family diversity. This is because they only believe in one type of family working in today's society, the nuclear. This consists of a male husband and female wife living together with dependent children. The supporters see the nuclear family as "neutral" and and the other family types are seen as dysfunctional and unnatural. This also links to new rights claims that lone parent households cause juvenile delinquency.

There have been different theories and ideas explaining roles in the household. Talcott Parsons explained different roles to fall into two different categories, instrumental and expressive....
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