Using Knowledge and Evidence to Support Study in Practice

Topics: Obesity, Nursing, Childhood obesity Pages: 7 (2015 words) Published: April 28, 2013
In this assignment I am going to answer the question ‘why is obesity increasing in childhood and what role can nurses play to manage it?’ I have formed this question after reading an extract from an article. “Diet and weight management” which was published in the Nursing Standard. (Kirk, S, 2003) Within the article the author states that “obesity in childhood is on the increase.” In researching this particular aspect of obesity I have conducted a literature search on the increase of obesity in childhood and the management role of a nurse. As part of the exercise I plan to explain the importance of knowledge and evidence in professional practice and then conduct a search in what role nurses can play in childhood obesity prevention. I will outline the search process using database and library searches for the evidence. To arrive at a conclusion regarding the reasons for the rise in childhood obesity and the evidence that can support the role nurses can play in preventing obesity in childhood. Using knowledge and evidence base practice to support my conclusion. Knowledge and evidence is an important factor in nursing because it is believed to enable nurses to give the highest quality of care. Evidence based practice has been defined as the conscientious use of current best evidence in making decisions about patient care (Sackett, 2000). When health care providers know how to find, critically appraise, and use the best evidence, and when patients are confident that their health care providers are using evidence-based care, optimal outcomes are achieved for all (Sackett, 2000). It is very important that the evidence stays current, if it didn’t it would become very quickly outdated. Outdated information and evidence could lead to bad patient care and would stop the evidence to continually evolving. Evidence based practice (EBP) is the practice of health care which finds, appraises and uses the most current and valid research findings as the basis for clinical decisions. According to (Menlyk 2011) there are three main factors that are considered in making decisions in EBP. These are; external evidence from research and evidence based theories, Clinical Expertise and patient preferences and values. Clinicians are reported to feel more empowered and satisfied in theories when they engage with EBP and it has also been proven to reduce costs in healthcare (Menlyk, 2011). Obesity in childhood in increasing, figures shown in an article that obesity figures among 2-10 year olds rose from 10.1% in 1995 to 14.6% in 2010 (Lepkowska D, 2012). The increase in childhood obesity will also increase healthcare costs. It is important to use evidence based practice when managing obesity as it could help to reduce these healthcare costs and prevent diseases taking place in later life. To answer my assignment question I need to apply evidence based practice to the increase in obesity and the roles that nurses can play to prevent it. To do this I have conducted a literature search. I have decided to use Library Gateway and Internurse as my information sources. Often results led to further searches being undertaken. Table 1 shows the keywords, search limits and number of results I achieved. Table 1

Information SourceKeywordsSearch LimitsNumber of results
Library Gateway“Childhood obesity”-+20,000
Library Gateway"childhood obesity" "management" "nursing"-+2,000 Library Gateway"childhood obesity" "management" "nursing"2004-present Subject area- “prevention & control”44
Library GatewayObesityE-book only+4,000
Library Gateway“obesity” “childhood”E-book only+2000 Library Gateway"obesity" "child*”e-book only
Library Gateway"obesity" "child*” “prevent*”e-book only 2007-present434
Library Gateway"obesity" "child*” “prevent*”e-book only 2007-present
subject term: electronic book150
Internurse“weight management”
Internurse“weight management”
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