Uses of Theory

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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A theory is a vital basis of every nursing endeavor. It can possibly explain the sense of every nursing action in the field. Without such, the practice of the profession will lack sense and deeper meaning. All throughout the history of nursing, it became a foundation that governs nurses in performing their duties. Like the theory of Nightingale which guided nurses during the Crimean War when Florence, along with other trained nurses took care of the soldiers who were injured by attending to their needs of cleanliness as to prevent infection which was rampant during that period. This theory had been evident in the day-to-day nursing practice. The most obvious way that nurses perform to apply the said theory is handwashing. It was proven through studies that frequent handwashing greatly helps in the prevention of infection which strengthens the credibility of Nightingale's theory.  In view of this, I can say that nursing theories are not just mere sources of principles behind phenomena in nursing practice but above all, they are fundamental rudiments of uplifting the motivation of nurses to do their functions. If nurses had a better view of these theories, it would not be hard for them to do a nursing intervention for they know the benefits of such as supported by the concepts and principles embedded in those theories.

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A theory is nothing without its uses being applied. There are a variety of functions that a theory can provide. Aside from the general knowledge that it offers a systematic explanation about how phenomena are interrelated, it gives more significance in a specific manner particularly in the field of research. A theory allows researchers to weave together observations and facts into an orderly scheme. It is an efficient mechanism for drawing together amassed facts, sometimes from distinct and isolated investigations. Thru the aid of a theory, findings in a study can be linked into a coherent...
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