Usa in the Caribbean

Topics: Cuba, United States, Caribbean Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: March 3, 2013
The U.S in the Caribbean since 1776 when it gained independence from Britain ,it became the dominant power in the region.The U.S has had an interest in the Caribbean due to its cole proximity and strategic importance since this time however the Caribbean began to play a more dominant role in U.S foreign policy in the 19th century beginning with Cuba 1898,puerto rico1898 and Haiti in 1915.These later expeditions due nominally to the monore doctrine of 1823. The U.S interests as stated earlier although beginning in 1776 truly rose to prominence in the late 19th century following the additional Roosevelt corollary to the monore doctrine which stated the U.S would intervene in conflicts European nations and Caribbean countries to enforce legitimate of European powers. The U.S took interest on Cuba in 1895-1898 when the U.S government became concerned about the $50,000,000 investors had invested in Cuba.The U.S became involved in a war with Spain,Cuba's colonial power lasting 10 months resulting in Spain succeeding Cuba, Puerto Rico ,and the Philippines.Also further demonstrating U.S concerns on the island was the establishment of the platt amendment which gave the U.S the right to interfere Cuban affairs whenever the U.S Congress's felt that important economical or military interests were threatened. In Haiti the U.S became involved to design an arrangement to collect customs on behalf of U.S citizens.In the late 1800's when the collection of this task was rendered obstructed us creditors turned to the is government for help. Haiti's political environment had become very unstable and by extension it's economic prosperity declined order for the is to collect the debt owed to the creditors the us government took over the entire infrastructure.
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