Us vs Canada Health

Topics: Medicine, Universal health care, Health economics Pages: 1 (1268 words) Published: April 6, 2011
The comparison between health care in the United States and health care in Canada has been a continuing debate. America does not have a universal health coverage plan for it's population, while Canadians are privileged to have universal health coverage. Normally a patient will pay twice as much for health coverage in the United States compared to treatment in Canada. This puts the US in first position of having the most expensive health care system on earth. ( Most of the population in the United States have no health coverage at all. Compared to Canada, the wait time for elective procedures in the United States is somewhat longer. Many Americans feel the government should take a more aggressive role in health care. After several studies on health care in America most people are not satisfied with it's contents.( Health care in the US has turned into a type of business requiring assessment of the patient's financial status before treatment may be administered. Many times the fee for private health care in the US may require out of pocket expenses. While Canadians enjoy 100% of health care coverage. When asking Americans to look at the future of health care for seniors, many believe that health care prices will escalate to the point that no one can consider obtaining health care as the prices will just be to extravagant. To have health care would certainly create a financial hardship on many seniors and minorities. Canada on the flip side has a government that wholly supports the health care system. Canada's mortality rate is much lower that the United States. Canada has lower medical prescription costs too. Canadian doctors work independently and have initiated a free-for-service basis pay scale. Canada has established a law that forbids private physicians from charging fees to their patients. Many of the hospitals in Canada...
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