Us Military Drones

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Jonathan Ortiz
March 9, 2013
Computer Class – Unit 9 – Assignment B
US Military Drones
It is believed that United States Military Drones are one of the most advanced robotic systems in the world today. According to, it is estimated that there are thousands of these drones, or unmanned military vehicles and aerial devices, in the inventory and care of the US Military (Singer, 2011). Drones are mechanisms and technologies that can be used without the use of a human being inside of the robotic system. In most cases these drones are maneuvered from a distance using remote control apparatuses and are much like the GPS systems that a person might use in their car. Drones are watched and manipulated from anywhere in the world. While they are mostly known right now as military contraptions, civilian use of them is beginning to be a fast moving goal. This is so in civilian jobs like police forces, firefighting, surveillance, and nonmilitary security work.

The birth of these machines began back in the early 1900’s, however, their actual use began in 1959 when Air Force officers became concerned about losing pilots over hostile territories. They have been used in such areas as searching for POWs and those who were MIA. As well, search and rescue units can use these machines as a great tool in their inventory. This would help with finding missing humans, those lost at sea and those who might be trapped in buildings. They have been used greatly in Afghanistan and Iraq during our recent conflicts in those countries. The ground, PackBot, is a drone to help find IED (Improvised Explosive Devices).In February 2013, it was noted by that over 50 countries are now using military drones. They can be used in combat and are then known as Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles (UCAV). Some of these combat drones can carry up to 40 thousand pounds of explosives.

Drones are manufactured mainly in two countries, the United States and Israel, with the US being...
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