Urban Regeneration and Renewal- Historic Centre of Barcelona

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HISTORIC CENTRE OF BARCELONA- Urban regeneration and renewal

Conservation Paper by - Ms. Aditi Padhi (aditipadhi@gmail.com)

The Integrated renovation of the Ciutat Vella, the urban center of in Barcelona is an example of a comprehensive urban regeneration and renewal process. Within the project different strategies are supporting the revitalization of the physical (hard and soft), social (old and new residents), economic, and cultural infrastructure, as well as the recreation of linkages between the project quarters and other areas of the city. The process aims to promote the maintenance of the identity of the historic center, to meet environmental aims and to ensure consistency with sustainability principles. The physical revitalization is planned and developed using the legal planning instrument called Special Plan of Inner Reform (PERI). A wide involvement of different partners during the entire process has guaranteed the initiation and continuity of the process and avoided social conflicts. Policy Goals

The goals are to maintain the complexity of the urban system through mixed land uses and multi-cultural integration attracting people with diverse cultural backgrounds and different incomes to live there; to promote lifestyles which reduce resource and time consumption; to improve the quality of life and to diminish existing dysfunction’s. Background Information

"Ciutat Vella", historic center of Barcelona, has a population of 87.500 inhabitants. At the end of the 1980's it had a very old population, with a substitution of native members for immigrants without resources. The socio-economic indicators showed high rates of unemployment and loss of economic activity in the center, especially for major industries, which for many years had maintained the socio-economic stability of extensive areas. The poor urban, architectural and environmental conditions reflected a paralysis provoked by lack of planning and investment. In this context, a renovation...
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