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l.-L:VEil-iil'i-llUp,c'iireatrn Bl1+r:i Frnlotllii,sliar:-.el;olrdernl-ie-'rlell t-tl,vel ectr::l'se1iol'letalrnerr: o,,i iiiileLEil(.ltir-sh l;"-.rllt,uu,U,:r "Bi"lieveri""u'he a;iieii:l: seii'le-:s;,cpnnhnne.isE:rrt]jE,slr acii[''rriearl'lrilr'lg iavarit:tli o'f lffivef5l vyiiih p,'i:!ren'ted linernilced] uo6r,.ies lLnr unlits, ['ir+v[jealiuil'er: " " n o o o o ., .' rrar';et"y aultllerriiic li.hemc-lcels*el fl'*rrt a '"qrlde ul'li'cs, c'rl in {'lve sol-,:r"ces, m*nluie:; ',lr:pies fi r,rariei:\r r:r"*ss. Anyway, we still had a great eveningand came away with the best impression. If you everget the chance to seeAlsou in concert, you should definitely go. Have you heard her new album? Wite soon and tell me what you think of it. Love, Alex (Para 3) what you liked and why

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(Para 1) {ireetings.'t easons.fbr wuiliwg (Pan 2) singer/band you went to see

(Pan 4) what you didn't like and why

(Para 5) Conclusion recommendation

b. Read letteragain. the WhatdidAlexlike/dislike aboutthe concert? Whatreasons/examples aregiven to support each viewpoint? (See Suggested Answers Section)

3 50

Replace underlined the adjectives adverbs the letterwith the following. and in oentertainingfabulous modern . . .wildly . complex heavenly upset. latest . . (See Suggested Answers Section)

(1-4) Read extracts the belowthat review various events. in the missing Fill topic (A-D), sentences thensuggest othersuitable ones yourown. of (See Suggested Answers Section) -re opening nightof the Moscow State Circus in 3lasgow a huge was success. -he FarnboroughShow a bighitagain Air this was r'-cdf.

5 TherevieWpremiere that it was one of said the bestproductions the year. of 6 lt was sucha predictable/ggp@performance that shewasgivena standing ovation 7 TomHanks received oraise hisrole/actor for in Forrest Gump. 8 The routinesand the positioning the of dancers stage are the responsibility a on of pher conductor/choreoq ra

wassoimpressed the performance with I wentto cn Friday. have never to anything boring allmylife! in been so


Match items(1-5)to the nouns(a-e). famous frlm/television / live/studio/solo big/small/silver children's/fantasy / best-selling a b c d screen performance novel film

,it :roreographedIn my opinion, is definitely horror silent feature / / . lEId-l .a,,',t

:ut - there was nevera dull moment. The :'ogramme was well-arranged and well_ i

ro m ffi m .i

e actor


-he new exhibition had nothingto capturemy 'nagination.I stronglydisagree with the critic 'highly ,vho wrote, I originaland entertaining' .nink complete the opposite true! is



ringmaster an excellent had of sense humour :rd the crowd enjoyedthe spectacular show. In "ry opinion, the highlight the whole evening of ,,,'as when the monkeys escaped the crowd! into n

Backg round information '1989 Theexhibition/theatre openedin Thedance company/band formedin 2001 . yearand takes The Air Show runseverysecond p l a c en . . i Descriptions Thesoundsystem was excellent. Thevenue hadgreatfacilities. The lyrics were greaVpredictable. Thelighting wassuperb/dreadful. Thecastwassuperb/amazing/very talented. General comments/opinion Don'tmiss itl It'swell worth seeing/going to. You really mustsee/go/listen it. to




W e . * ' e r , r i " ' : ' '


Underline correct the word. 1 Shakespearesometimes used plots/ programmes ancient plays from Greek Even though I don't usuallygo to see blockbusters/multiplex, I reallylovedMission lmpossible. Tolright, ballerinaSylvie Guillem will be appearing/peform!ry the role of Clara in The Nutcracker. The success a playcomesdown to a good of script/lyric and a good director.




Using language the above, writea letterto a you friendreviewing...
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