Unvexed Isles Analysis

Topics: Literary criticism, Robert Penn Warren, New Criticism Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: December 23, 2012
«The Unvexed Isles». Analysis.
The story under analysis is entitled «The Unvexed Isles». It is taken from the book <The unvexed isles> - it’s a collection of the stories of American and English writers. The author of this story is Robert Penn Warren - an American poet, novelist, and literary critic and was one of the founders of New Criticism. The story is rather heavy-going, but thought-provoking. The plot is rather static and is of no great importance here, the tone of the narration is quite melancholic. The author also gives us the chronological system of narration. The actions in the whole take some hours of one day. Though the number of personages is limited (Mr and Mrs Dalrymple and Phil Alburt), the characters are rather revealed than developed. The author doesn’t give the verbal portraiture of the heroes and appeals to indirect methods of character drawing (he just shows feeling and actions and givez no other commentaries). He only describes a bit Phil’s appearance (<dark hair>, <strong lips, the even white teeth unbarred, the wide brown eyes, heavy eyebrows>). He also provides the reader with some details of Phil’s lifestyle (he is wealthy, lives in New York, wears tailor-made clothes, drinks whisky, and travels a lot). While, the family of Dalrymple even can’t afford buying tickets to their native towns. Such a chasm between their financial and material status is reflected in the manner of Mr. Dalrymple’s talking to Phil. He constantly examined his appearance, his manners in details, and had to admit that this young student has everything in his life, while Mr. Dalrymple is a middle-aged man with aging wife haven’t even an opportunity to visit relatives. However, Mr. Dalrymple tried to conceal his disappointment and the feeling of jealousness to this gifted, economically-privileged student. It should be mentioned that the author implies a refusal to comment on Mr. Dulrymple’s thoughts and actions. His tone of the narration leaves...
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