Unplanned Sex Can Lead to Unplanned Pregnancies

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Teenage pregnancy Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Unpredicted sex can lead to unplanned pregnancies in high school resulting in school dropouts, financial problems, social rejection and even abortion. Thousands of teenage girls each year have to drop out of high school because they are pregnant. Having to juggle school, taking care of the baby, and possibly a job as well, many teens decide to drop out of high school to take full responsibility and care for the baby. They must abandon their education for taking responsibility of something that could have been avoided.

Babies require many needs therefore are very expensive to take care of. Many families do not have the money that is required to give babies everything they need, therefore the family must work harder in order to take good care of this baby. For that reason many pregnant teens have to find jobs. Depending if the teen has support from her family, she might even have to drop out of school in order to take fully care of the baby.

Teen pregnancy does not only force teens into getting a job and dropping out of school but it also causes social rejection. When a teen is pregnant she automatically stands out from the crowd and becomes an easy target for bullying. Certain people might disown her and look down on her because she is pregnant. People that she was close to might treat her differently now and maybe they will even reject her completely. Some families will even throw her out of the house and not help her at all.

When it comes to teen pregnancy abortion is a sensitive topic. Some say that abortion is wrong to do and that the woman should keep the baby no matter what. But, what if it was a young girl who was pregnant? What if her entire life would be ruined because she kept the baby? Most teens use abortion as a last resort, the majority however actually keep the baby and raise. Abortion is a decision that the mother can choose to take.
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