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In Richard Rodriguez’s composition of essays,” Hunger of memory” he made clear on what he had done in order to succeed in life, some of those were to relinquish valuable fragments that were offered by the loved ones that raised him, "A primary reason for my success in the classroom was that I couldn't forget that schooling was changing me and separating me from the life I enjoyed before becoming a student."-Richard Rodriguez. he also refers to his language as being a private language not spoken to others in his native tongue, he also shares with us on how his education affected his life, and also how it affected his cultural heritage he also states that there was a point in life were he realized that his education itself helped him grow from his childhood to his adulthood. In Mr. Rodríguez’s book he insists that his story not be generalized. He says, “Mistaken, the gullible reader will in sympathy or in anger take it that I intend to model my life as the typical Hispanic-American life. But I write of one life only. My own. If my story is true, I trust it will resonate with significance for other lives” (prologue). He clearly states on how his education led him from his child hood to his adult hood, and maturity. He also explained in his book on how his cultural heritage was slowly but surely fading away as time went by. Richard's family and relatives started to call him Pocho, a Spanish word that means an American who forgets their native language, because he no longer speaks Spanish with confidence. Many family members continue to speak to Richard in Spanish, even if they could speak English. This was because they wanted Richard to speak and know his native language. I can relate to him with this because in my immediate family we were raised to speak in Spanish and we are only to speak in Spanish, although they understand, and know how to speak English, they still decide to only speak Spanish at our house. As Richard way learning English he felt...
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