Unlimited Power Supply

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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Unlimited Power Supply
Before I came up wit the U.P.S. (Unlimited Power Supply), I was struggling with an idea for this science fair. However I thought of a magnetic car. Then after school I heard my parents saying that our electricity bill was getting too high, so I tried to think of a solution. Then I read an article about how a Prius battery could power a house, and then I thought about how I could power a house using a rechargeable battery like is found in the Prius. Then I came across the Bedini Wheel, an energy producing machine that runs on magnets. I could combine the Bedini Wheel energy to charge a Prius rechargeable battery to power a house’s electrical needs and all the appliances throughout the house. That would take care of the power bills for all the parents and cut down on the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases that are current issues in our society today. The Bedini Wheel takes a long time to build because of its many materials but also the electrical concepts that must be followed. The materials list is as follows: • Clips

Rechargeable Batteries
Bicycle Wheel Rim
Coil Spool
Welding Rod
Magnet Wire
Neon Lamps
To find my information, I looked on Google and found the materials, background, process, and an image of the Bedini Wheel. Then I started to think about where I would put the Bedini Wheel in the attic. I thought that the attic would be the best place because it’s out of the way, it’s out of the reach of small children, and it’s close to the power supply wires and house meter. Once I got all the information that I needed I worked on the wheel putting it together piece by piece. Afterward, I checked the energy and worked on my board. It took a while.

The Bedini Wheel plays a big role in my science fair project. It’s my equipment and my apparatus. It supplies a clean energy need through the natural laws of magnetism. I...
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