Unix, Linux, and Windows Server Critique

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UNIX, Linux, and Windows Server Critique

UNIX, Linux, and Windows Server Critique
Windows Server
There are many administration advantages for Windows Servers. One aspect is domain operations which are an important resource available on the network through Window Server. Making Window Server a domain controller adds security and the ability to add local and group policies to the network (Garza, 2010). If Window Server is not promoted to the status of a domain controller, then it can run simple network operations using peer-to-peer structures (Garza, 2010). These are workgroups, and they can only block or allow access but do not provide control features for the network. The numbers of applications that are available to run in the Window Server environment are numerous these include financial apps, database programs, and e-mail exchange operations as well as web server and Internet programs (Garza, 2010). Windows Server local policies have the ability to perform certain operational commands.  These are operations available to the domain controller network system. This means that Window Server can centralize user and computer access. Only one machine needs to be configured as the Domain Controller rather than all machines on the network. Disadvantages

The biggest issue that Windows Server has it that in some of the older versions the administrator console was cumbersome and confusing to use, and in the earlier versions group policies were nonexistent and third party tools were something they had to rely on. Windows also use GUI interface, which most prefer to use a command line interface (Sepago, 2012). UNIX

There are many administration advantages for UNIX. One example will be how multiple users can run multiple programs each at the same time without interfering with each other or crashing the system. Also, all users must be authenticated by a valid account and password to use the system at all. All files are owned by particular accounts. The owner can decide whether others have read or write access to his files. Disadvantages

First key disadvantage is that if something goes wrong the administrator must be very versed in the UNIX OS, which may not be an easy task. The biggest disadvantage is that it is too easy for the super user to crash the system, destroy important files, or create havoc inadvertently because they have too much privilege (O’rielley, 2012). Networking

Windows Server
Microsoft introduced that software defined networking capabilities (SDN) will enable improved automation in multitenant networking environments, and that developers and Microsoft partner community will be able to tap in to these capabilities using open standards. SDN is a merging architecture where networking control is decoupled from forwarding and is directly programmable; this enables the underlying infrastructure to be abstracted for applications and network services which can treat the network as a logical or virtual entity. Windows provides support and updates, many people are switching to Windows server because of the Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. Users can develop web sites using familiar Microsoft interface tools such as Front Page or Visual Interdev, and can develop database driven web sites using Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL as the database (Clicksee Network Co., 2012). Disadvantages

Unlike UNIX, Windows server requires more system resources, you would need a powerful machine to run Windows server. It also not have a good reputation in terms of server stability, Windows Server needs to be rebooted more often than UNIX. The costs of applications that run on your machine are usually higher, were as UNIX scripts are free (Clicksee Network Co., 2012). UNIX

Some of the advantages of UNIX are that it makes networking easy to administer, and that the...
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