Unix Commands

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Unix commands

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Unix commands
Note that there are thousands of commands available on a typical unix box. In bash, just hit the "Tab" key twice and say yes, to display the the commands currently available on your machine. A standard unix operating system lists currently thousands of commands. Type x to list all commands starting with x. The following list contains some of the more frequently used programs.

Access Control
exit - terminate a shell (see "man sh" or "man csh") logout - sign off; end session (C shell and bash shell only;) passwd - change login password rlogin - log in remotely to another UNIX system ssh - secure shell slogin - secure version of rlogin yppasswd - change login password in yellow pages

alias - define synonym commands chquota - change disk quota on ACITS UNIX systems chsh - change default login shell clear - clear terminal screen echo - echo arguments pbm - portable bitmap manipulation programs popd - pop the directory stack (C shell only) pushd - push directory on stack (C shell only) script - make typescript of terminal session setenv - set an environment variable (C shell only) stty - set terminal options

mail - send and receive mail mesg - permit or deny terminal messages and talk requests pine - send and receive mail talk - talk to another logged-in user write - write to another logged-in user

netstat - show network status rsh - run shell or command on another UNIX system ssh - secure-shell version of rsh

Programming Tools
as - assembler, specific to each machine architecture awk - pattern scanning and processing language bc - online calculator cc - C compiler csh - C shell command interpreter dbx - source-level debugging program f77 - Fortran compiler gdb - GNU Project debugger gprof - display profile of called routines kill - kill a process ld - the UNIX loader lex - generate lexical analysis programs lint - check C source code make - maintain large programs maple - symbolic mathematics program math - symbolic mathematics program nice - run a command at low priority (see "man nice" or "man csh") nohup - run a command immune to hangups pc - Pascal compiler (xlp on ADS) perl - Popular script interpreter prof - display profile data python - Python programming language sh - Bourne shell command interpreter yacc - generate input parsing programs xcalc - graphical calulator under x

Process Control
bg - put suspended process into background fg - bring process into foreground jobs - list processes ^y - suspend process at next input request ^z - suspend current process

Status Information
clock - determine processor time date - show date and time df - summarize free disk space du - summarize disk space used env - display environment finger - look up user information history - list previously issued commands last - indicate last login of users lpq - examine spool queue manpath - show search path for man pages printenv - print out environment ps - show process status pwd - print full pathname of working directory set - set shell variables (C shell, bash, or ksh) spend - lists year-to-date ACITS UNIX charges stty - set terminal options time - timing programs top - list top cpu processes uptime - show system load, how long system has been up w - show who is on system, what command each job is executing who - show who is logged onto the system whois - Internet user name directory service whoami - who owns the shell

apropos - locate commands by keyword lookup find - locate file (i.e. find . -name *.tex -print) info - start the info explorer program man - find manual information about commands whatis - describe what a command is whereis - locate source, binary, or man page for a program

Image Processing
gimp - photoshop type image processing program xfig - drawing program xv - image viewer xvscan - scan picture xpaint - paint program kpaint - kde paint program

emacs - screen-oriented...
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