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  • Published : June 18, 2013
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PASMETH is the national organization of all recognized schools of Medical Technology in the Philippines. It was formed in 1970 in the hopes of maintaining the highest standards of Medical Technology/Public Health education and to foster closer relations among these schools.  Our Past

 On May 13, 1970, Director Narciso Albarracin appointed Dr. Serafin Juliano and Dr. Gustavo U. Reyes to organize an association of Deans/Heads of Schools of Medical Technology and Hygiene. The first organizational meeting was held at the University of Santo Tomas on June 22, 1970. The first sets of officers were:  

    President                             - Dr. Gustavo Reyes      Vice-President                      - Dr. Serafin Juliano      Secretary/Treasurer               - Dr. Velia Trinidad      Press Relations Officer          - Dr. Faustino Sunico  The first annual meeting was held at the University of Santo Tomas on May 17, 1971. The first set of officers was reelected for a second term on April 30, 1972. For the school year 1972-1973, the elected officers were:  

     President                             - Dr. Gustavo Reyes      Vice-President                      - Dr. Claro Cabrera      Secretary/Treasurer               - Dr. Elvira Silva      Press Relations Officer          - Dr. Dr. Faustino Sunico  

Others who served as PASMETH presidents were:
     Dr. Ibarra Panopio (1973-1974)
     Dr. Angelita G. Adeva (1974-1977)
     Dr. Elizabeth M. del Rio (1977-1980)
     Dr. Gustavo Reyes (1980-1981)
     Dr. Claro D. Cabrera (1981-1982)
     Dr. Elizabeth M. del Rio (1982-1983)
     Dr. Norma V. Lerma (1983-1984)
     Dr. Vicencio T. Torres (1984-1985)
     Prof. Nardito Moraleta (1985-1988)
     Dean Norma N. Chang (1988-1995)
     Prof. Rodolfo R. Rabor (1996-2000)
     Dean Nini F. Lim (2000-2002)
     Dean Zenaida C. Cajucom (2002 up to present)

Beloved PAMET
From various lands races and places
with grateful hearts we blend our voices
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