Universities and Higher Education in Spain

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  • Published : August 5, 2010
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Types of institution
Spain Higher Education institutions have been around for centuries. Spain's universities are some of the oldest institutions in the world. One of Spain's institutions was founded in the earlier years of the thirteenth century. Higher education in Spain is mainly comprised of universities. There are currently around 75 universities where there are approximately 56 state owned and 19 private universities that are ran by private enterprises or by the Catholic Church. (Hampshire, 2003 p.1) Spain's higher education institutions had experienced a fast growth in student population due to a huge influx of high school graduates or "secondary school leavers. (Mora, n.d., p.1) In Spain's history the nineteenth century was a critical year because of the French Revolution and the huge impact it made on higher education institutions. One of the impacts that it made was the changing of the structure of the state. Under the Napoleonic system of higher education, adopted by Spain, the universities were entities hat were totally regulated by laws and norms by the State at a national level. (Mora, n.d, p.1) Professors were considered civil servants and they were to move from one institution to the next. All of the academic programs were unified amongst the universities and they even carried the same syllabi. "Higher Education performs the dual function of training skilled labor and screening students through the double filter of admissions and graduation standards. (Gilboa, Justman, 2005, p. 1107) Back then, universities were only attended by the elite and their main goal was to educate the ruling groups of the State and out of that group the civil servants especially. The way in which Spanish institutions taught was by having a strong professional orientation and transmitting skills essential to the development of professions. Moving forward in history Spanish institutions have made a lot of transformations. Under the University Reform Act, which is also...
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