Universal Healthcare

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Universal Health Care
The issue of health care is a widely debated issue in the United States today. The United States spends more on health care than any other country in the world, but there are 48.6 million people that do not have health insurance. The United States also has one of the lowest life expectancies in the industrialized world, and 45,000 people die every year due to a lack of health care. The United States Congress passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010 to try to correct some of these problems. Unfortunately, conservatives and Liberals cannot agree on the subject of health care (Kleinstuber). The health care system should be changed so that universal health care is enacted in the United States. With universal health care, citizens of the United States will become healthier, therefore, people have better opportunity to obtain human capital. Also, the benefits outweigh the detriments in the case for universal health care with some small changes with how it works. The implementation of universal health care would benefit the United States’ economy and society’s welfare.

Thousands of US citizens suffer every day from a lack of health care. This has become a serious problem in the US, and it needs to be changed. There are over 45 million people who are uninsured in the US (Ireland). Of these 45 million uninsured people, about 9.4 percent of them are children under age 18 (Todd and Sommers). Many of these uninsured people did not have the same opportunity to obtain human capital as others did, therefore, they are stuck in the lower class without employer-sponsored health care. With universal health care enacted in the US, these healthier people would have better chance at obtaining human capital. In effect, children grow up healthier, and they have better attendance at school and have a better chance to become successful in the future. Universal health care will lead to a more prosperous, opportunistic society.

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