United States and Oregon Territory

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Expansion essay
America expands westward as that of there own destiny. America fights and fights for land. Many die but independence is served cold to the Mexicans and British. The Indian Rmoval act opens new territory to the west. This is my expansion Essay on way back when, when America expanded West! II.
A. Causes of western expansion/ Manifest destiny
1. Economic/trade
2. Avalible land/farming
3. New opportunities/ “gold rush”
4. Western trade/ Roads/ Transportation
5. Government encouragement

III. Early U.S expansion
A. British colonies/ Revolution
1.13 British colonies
2. Atlantic/ Appalachian mountains
3. NH/ Georgia
4. Treaty of Paris 1783

B. Louisiana Purchase 1803/ Lewis and Clark expedition
1. Louisiana territory/ French empire
2. Napoleonic war – French involved in war/debt
3. U.S president Jefferson/ $15 million
4. Double size of U.S/ west of Mississippi river
5. Resources and land
6. Questions limits/ power of constitution
7. Constitution doesn’t grant power to buy land?
8 Debate strict VS. loose interpretation of constitution

IV. Growth/ Expansion of American southeast
A. Adams Onis treaty
1. 1819 President Monroe
2. Resolve tension with Spain over border
3. 5 Million and land/ U.S gains Florida
4. U.S growing world influence
B. Indian Removal act
1. Force native Americans west to Indian territory
2. West of Mississippi River – Oklahoma/ Arkansas
3. Military force/ sign away land
4. Native American settlements prevent U.S expansion
5. Removal opens expansion South and West

V. Western Migration/ Development after 1830
A. Manifest destiny
1. Economics/ Trade
2. Available land/Farming
3. New opportunities/ Gold rush
4. Western trails/ Roads/ Transportation
5. Government encouragement
B. Oregon & Santa fe Trails
1. Oregon trail/ 1830’s – Missouri to Oregon territory 2. Santa fe Trail/...
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