Unit 9 Final Tort Paper

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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TO: Janet Jones Supervising Attorney
FROM: Susan Steichen Paralegal
RE: Potential case of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman on behalf on the minor son DATE: September 22, 2012
Questions Presented
Did the Church of Divine Light (CoDL) make threats to the minor Sherman into believing that if he left he would be “thrown into the eternal fires of Hell”? Did the CoDL intentionally brainwash Rob Sherman Jr., to cut all contact from his family? Brief Answer

Yes. The CoDL had brainwashed the minor Sherman into staying with the church for a period of six months only contact was to demand monies from his parents for his expenses. Statement of Facts
The parents allege that Rob Jr. was tricked into attending some meetings. One night about a year ago, Rob Jr. was getting ready to return home after one of their youth meetings. The organizer of the youth retreat, Tom Marsden, allegedly made numerous excuses for keeping Rob there. It reached a pinnacle when Tom told Rob Jr., "If you leave, you will be thrown into the eternal fires of Hell, and you will not be allowed back." Rob Jr. acquiesced and remained. The next day Tom had Rob Jr. write a letter to his parents telling them that he was planning to stay with the Church, as they were his "new" family. Rob Jr. was also told to demand money from his parents to cover his expenses. Rob Jr. remained with the church for a period of roughly six months. Rob Sr. and Bunny arranged to meet with Rob Jr. to give him his money for that month and pulled him into the car and brought him home. They had to watch him carefully for about two weeks, but he finally came out of the "brainwashing." Discussion

This potential case would likely to have a favorable decision. Due to the false imprisonment under the Illinois statue 735 ILCS 5/13-202, because of the minor Sherman was being held against his own will. In the following case Pleasant Glade Assembly of God v. Schubert, 174 S.W.3d 388. Facts: The parents went out of town leaving the...
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