Unit 5 Project

Topics: Pneumonia, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Medicine Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: December 26, 2012
will need to know all of the information that is on this paper. Section 1: Supply the Prefix
1.within (---cellular, -- cranial)Intra-
2.painful, abnormal, difficult, labored ( -tropy, --pnea)Dys- 3.on, upon, over (-dermal)Epi-
4.one ( -lateral)Uni-
5.below, incomplete, deficient(- tonic, --tension)Hypo-
6.beside, beyond, around, abnormal (-thyroid, --lysis)Para- 7.absence of, withoutA, an-
8.through, across, beyond( -dermal, -plant)Trans-
9.many, much( -neuritis, -dipsia)Poly-
10.normal, good (-pnea)Eu-

Section 3: Supply the Suffix
1.surgical removal(hysto-, lamin-)-ectomy
2.study of (physio-, termin-)-logy
3.disease (somato-,idio-)-pathy
4.inflammation(sinus-, lymph-)-itis
5.surgical puncture to remove fluid(amnio-)-centesis
7.creating an artificial, or new opening (trach-, colo-)-stomy 8.visual examination(electrocardi-)-scopic
9.hernia or protrusion(hydro-, diaphragmato-)-cele
10.constriction or narrowing arterial-, tracheo-)-stenosis

Section 2: Supply the Combining Form
Definition for Body Part, Structure, or ConditionCombining Form 1.Combining form for boneOste/o
2.Combining form for liverHepat/o
3.Combining form for stone, calculusLith/o
4.Combining form for nerve Neur/o
5.Combining form for fungusMyc/o
6.Combining form for wrinklesRhytid/o
7.Combining form for skin Derm/a
8.Combining form for larynxLaryng/o
9.Combining form for noseRhin/o
10.Combining form for belly, frontVentr/o

Section 4: Proofreading
The radiology report you will find below contains ten medical terminology errors, common spelling errors, incorrect medical terms and incorrect abbreviations. •List the errors on the left column and list the correct term to be used on the right side column. Medical Terminology ErrorCorrect Term

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