Unit 3 M1

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Aims and Objectives, Similarities and Differences (Tesco’s and NHS) (M1)

Similarities| Differences|
Both NHS and Tesco’s have an aim to satisfy their customers/patients. They do this by offering outstanding services and making sure they solve their problems.| Tesco’s has an aim to make profit, whilst the NHS has an aim to provide a service for the public. Tesco’s make profit by getting good suppliers and NHS provides a service through tax payer’s money.| Both NHS and Tesco’s have an aim to stay successful as they are both well-known businesses and organizations.| Tesco is a PLC (Public Limited Company) and NHS is more of a public service. | Both NHS and Tesco’s have aims to make sure there products are perfect. They do this by checking their products a number of times.| Tesco’s have an aim to grow their business whilst the NHS wants to keep on top of their patients. | Both NHS and Tesco’s have aims to achieve higher. They do this by having regular meetings and coming up with new ideas.| Tesco’s has an aim for their customers to keep coming back whilst the NHS have an aim to keep their patients out of hospital instead of them coming back.| Both NHS and Tesco’s have an aim to build a loyal team of staff. They do this by making sure they employee the best people for the job and they try to make their staff happy.| The NHS has an aim keep in touch with their patients after they have been treated, whilst Tesco’s doesn’t keep in contact with their customers after they’ve visited the store.|
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