Unit 3

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unit Unit 3
P4- Explain possible priorities and responses when dealing with two particular incidents or emergencies in a health and social care setting

There are many incidents and emergencies that can occur in a health and social care setting regardless of how careful you try and it is how many precautions they take. The health care setting I will be talking about is a Care home, and the priorities and responses that should take place when dealing with incidents and emergencies within it. Priorities are steps that need to be taken in the case of an emergency or incident that are considered more important over other plan of actions. A response is what action is taken after the emergency or incident in order to prevent it from recurring or minimizing the risk and likelihood of it happening again. I will be discussing the three most important priorities and the response that follows in the case of a possible emergency or incident in a hospital.

Priorities and response you use when in a hospital if there was a fire- As with all other areas of health and safety in the workplace, a thorough risk assessment of potential fire hazards should be carried out and is fire safety strategy. The important things you need to decide is whether a hazard is significant and whether you have covered it by taking precautions so that the risk is acceptably low. Your main priority would be getting everyone out the building and ensuring you do it in a safe manor.

For fire Risk Assessments there are 5 steps to take:
2. Decide who might be in danger (e.g. employees, visitors) in the event of a fire or while trying to escape from it and note their location. 3. Evaluate the risks arising from the hazards and decide whether your existing fire precautions are adequate or whether more should be done to eliminate the hazard and control the risks. * Control of ignition sources/sources of fuel

* Fire detection/warning
* Means of escape
* Means of fighting fire
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