Unit 205 Outcome 1 Diploma Health and Social Care Lv3

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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1.1 Define the following types of abuse.
Physical abuse: Punching, Kicking Scratching, Slapping, Biting, Scalding, Pulling hair, Poking Pinching, Pushing, Shoving, Burning, Binding limbs, Tripping over, Choking, Beating, Cutting, Imprisonment, Starvation, Forced feeding, Deliberate dehydration, Twisting arms, Sleep deprivation, Torture, Drowning, Bruising, Scalding. Sexual abuse: Sexual penetration of any part of the body, touching inappropriate parts of the body without informed agreement, sexual exploitation and threats about sexual activity.

Emotional: Humiliation, bullying, making threats, shouting or swearing, racial abuse, constant teasing or poking fun.

Financial: Stealing money or property or allowing or encouraging others to do so, persuading others to make financial decisions which are not in their interest, withholding or refusing access to money, refusing to allow individuals to manage their own financial affairs, failing to support individuals to manage their financial affairs

Institutional: Not given choices regards meals bedtime etc, freedom to go out is limited, privacy and dignity are not respected, personal correspondence is opened by staff, excessive doses of medication, access to advice restricted, complaints procedures made unavailable.

Self-Neglect: Lack of personal hygiene, lack of care regards appearance, failure to eat or buy food, failure to maintain a cleaning living environment, refusing or not obtaining medical help, unwilling to accept support, unwilling to see people or go out. Neglect by others: Not assisting with eating when required, not ensuring receiving personal care or adequately clothed, leaving individual alone, not assisting individual with communication and mobility needs, Not maintaining a clean, hygienic, safe and secure environment, failing to obtain necessary medical help, not supporting social contacts,

1.2 Identify the signs and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse. Physical abuse:...
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