Unit 2

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Open problem Pages: 4 (1546 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Unit 2: Communication in Care Settings A02 Section A Communication Skills
While on work experience at a Care Home, I saw how the Care workers used the following communication skills: Use of Open and Closed Questions, Positioning, Pace of Voice and Eye Contact. From the use of the communication skills I also saw how it made the service users feel. Use of Open and Closed Questions

The Care workers at the Care Home used a variety of open and closed questions daily. When care workers communicated with the service users, it was very necessary for them to ask questions to ensure the service users opinion and choice was being taken into consideration. The type of questions asked and the way in which they are asked controls the effectiveness of the interaction. Open questions all a more opinionated and extended answer, it gives them the ability to answer in their own way and gives them opportunity to develop their response and direct the interaction in a way of their own choice. For example of an open question, care workers asked the service users what they would like to wear each day. They used this skill to find out the opinions of the service users which also gave them a choice to ensure that the values of care were put in place. This made service users feel valued as their choices were being considered and listened to. The same skill was also used when the cooks were asking the service users what meals they wanted off the menu’s, again making each individual service user feel valued and supported by being given the right to their own choices rather than making them feel restricted as to what they could have. This then ensured that the environment of the care home was more homely allowing the service users to feel comfortable and at ease with themselves. Open questions allow the service user to feel as though the care worker is interested in what they have to say and wish to hear and know about ranges of information. It also allows...
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