Unit 11 Safegurading Adults

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Bullying Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Physical abuse is non-accidental injury or harm to the body. Physical abuse can include hitting, slapping, shaking the service user. For example Kaya been moved to a new care home but because she is not listening to the care providers they tend to hit and slap her until she listen to them, this is abuse. Financial

Financial abuse is theft or misuses of the service user’ belongings whilst they are in your care. Financial abuse can include stealing the service user’s money or belongings. Not allowing the service user to have access to their money or controlling their money and benefits. In addition to this spending service user’s money without their consent is financial abuse. For example Kaya is in care but her care provider collect all her benefits due to this Kaya isn’t giving access to her own money this is financial abuse. Emotional or psychological abuse

Emotional or psychological abuse is when the service user is being threatened in order to keep it quiet. Continuous put down and name calling in front of other causes humiliation and can led to loss of self-respect and pride. Blaming the service user for something they can’t control is also and insulting them can also lead to them committing suicide. For example Kaya keeps wetting the bed, every morning the care provider insult and disrespect Kaya for wetting the bed. This has now led Kaya to withdraw herself from everyone and now has a low self-esteem. Neglect

Neglect is when service provider fails to provide, give proper care and attention to the service user. For example not ensuring that the service user has a bath every day or eat 3 meals a day can be neglect because service isn’t looking after service user properly. For example Kaya is unable to bath or feed herself. However the care provider just leaves Kaya to bath and feed herself even though they know kaya is unable to complete those tasks. This is neglect because care provider isn’t giving kaya proper care and attention....
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