Unit 1 - an Introduction to Working with Children

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  • Published : November 24, 2012
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Unit 1 - An introduction to working with children

Statutory care and education must, by law, be provided by the government and be free of charge. An example of a statutory education setting is Primary School. While some Primary Schools are private, there must also be Primary Schools that are free of charge to attend. Private care and education is education or care that must be paid for. An example of a private education setting is a private Nursery. Most Nurseries are private and require a fee for admitting children. Voluntary care and education settings do not charge a fee for admittance and are staffed by volunteers. They are mainly funded by charities and small donations from parents. An example of a voluntary care and education setting is a Parent and Toddler group.

Primary Schools aim to support children in their education, physical development, emotional development, social development and cognitive development. Educationally, they teach children a variety of subjects with much focus on literacy and numeracy skills. Primary Schools help to identify children’s learning needs and relay useful information to parents on their children’s development. They also offer extra support for children who need it. Primary Schools offer family liaison officers and children’s liaison officers should parents feel they need help. Primary Schools also offer the chance for parents to go to work during the hours they’re educating their children. Nurseries aim to support children in their education, physical development, emotional development, social development and cognitive development. Educationally, they teach children colours, numbers, the alphabet and various other skills and subjects children need to help them learn more in the future. They teach using the EYFS. Most Nurseries provide flexible hours so parents can go to work. Some Nurseries provide an out-of-school club, where children can play, be fed and socialise until their parents are able to pick them up. Nurseries also work to help identify any special needs of children and communicate with parents on the best way to deal with any issues their child may have. Parent and Toddler groups aim to support children in social development, helping children gain confidence and make friends, which is a good way to get children comfortable with socialising before they go to a Nursery. Parent and Toddler groups aim to support families by giving them the opportunity to socialise with other parents and, if needed, teach them how to play with children as often, parents are unsure of how to communicate and have fun with their child. In many Parent and Toddler groups, a health visitor will be on-hand to give out health advise and check their children’s physical development.

One of the main pieces of legislation in the UK that supports the rights of children is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The UNCRC covers all the basic rights of a child including health, education, emotional care, privacy and human rights. The Child Care Act 2006 provides the framework to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the Every Child Matters scheme (now known as ‘Help Children Achieve More’). Under this Act, child care settings have to meet National Standards to help children achieve their full potential. It incorporates the welfare standards that all settings working with children under the age of 8 must comply with. This Act outlines the importance of standards in child care settings and children being kept safe, healthy and being able to enjoy their lives, which are all directly related to articles 19, 23, 24, 28, 29, 36, 33 and 37 in the UNCRC. Education Act 2002 promotes the local authorities’ and educational facilities’ duty regarding safeguarding and child welfare. This relates to protection from physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse and kidnapping. It also relates to the authorities and educational facilities providing privacy and...
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