Uniliver Fair & Lovely Skin Whitening Cream

Topics: Market economy, Free market, Market Pages: 4 (1350 words) Published: September 16, 2012
There is no doubt that Fair and Lovely is “doing well” financially according to the author. Controlling 50% - 70% share of the skin whitening market in India, with two closest competitors sharing 16% of the market. The second fastest growing brand out of 63 brands in HLL’s portfolio with a growth rate of 21.5% per year as of 2002 in a market valued at over $200 million in 2006. Ankita Rao equally acknowledged financial benefits in the skin whitening market when she said “the market-which is set to surpass $2 billion in Asia” the same market HLL sell Fair and Lovely and India being the largest market. Hence, we can say and I’ll agree with the author that Fair and Lovely is doing well especially to shareholders. Is Fair and Lovely doing good? To the street sweeper who, with the use of Fair and Lovely cream, can keep her fair skin or ensure her skin is no darkened by the sun yes Fair and Lovely is doing good. Arranged marriages are very common in India, so customary that none arranged marriages are called ‘’love match”. “Even among the educated middle classes in modern, urban India, marriage is as much a concern of the families as it is of the individuals” (Serena Nanda, 1998). In finding a bride or groom, parents in India some factors are considered. Factors like family background/reputation, social status, number of daughters in a family, the potential groom job and skin color. Skin color plays an important role in finding a match, and this was acknowledged by Serena Nanda when she was told by her friend, who she thought her son holds all the ace in finding a match that “we must keep in mind that my son is both short and dark; these are drawbacks in finding the right match.” So, for potential Indian wives and husbands with dark skin, yes Fair and Lovely is doing good. For people who have improved their social status and boosted their moral by improving their skin color, yes Fair and Lovely is doing good. “Good” in all these situations are individual and...
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