Unhealthy Food Consumption by Children

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Junk food consumption in children is the tragedy of the present age. These problems are best explained by busy families and the development of fast food industry but can be alleviated by planning so that children can have more healthy meals. It is difficult to argue with the idea that convenience of fast food and junk food has damaged children’s health. As the result of modern lifestyle, just as most of parents are busy with their work so too are children concerned with their studying and after school activities. It is for that reason unhealthy food which is time-saving and reasonable price, is the best solution. Rapid growth of fast food industry is also a culprit for the present state of peril facing of many children. Not only fast food restaurants are opened up constantly and widely, but manufacturers also make sure junk food is available in any supermarket or convenience store, even in streets through the vending machines. Therefore, junk food is easy to access than any other types of healthy foods and people buy them though they are not intended to. The best way to deal with the regrettable situation at hand is to make children have less chance to eat unhealthy food through planning. Provided that a healthy meal is set in advance, families will have less impulse for eating junk food. Likewise, when the schedule which is based on family member’s activities in a week is made, parents can make more time to prepare healthy food for their children.
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