Unhappy Man in E.A. Robinson's a Happy Man

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A Happy Man is a poem of Edwin Arlington Robinson about happiness reached by Edwin through the decision he made. Edwin lived in a period of millionaire when American competes to become millionaire after the Civil War. He born and raised in Maine to a wealthy family, he was the youngest of three sons and not groomed to take over the family business. Instead, he pursued poetry since childhood, joining the local poetry society as its youngest member. His personal life was soon beset by a chain of tragedies. But in A Happy Man, he is a man of happiness in his live. He doesn’t pretend as a happy man running from his tragic live.

In the quest of happiness, we often find difficulties. Some case made us decide how to react towards a certain condition for happiness. As people born with feeling, and we often feel something must benefit for us. This feeling ensue the need of something which depend of its amount. When it’s high, it will need much longer to satisfy the needs and when it reaches its peak, it will stop automatically. Satisfied needs bring us comfort and happy. In this essay, we will describe how coverage individual needs bring happiness as portrayed in Edwin Arlington Robinson’s “A Happy Man”.

The Needs and Its Coverage

As people born and in order for survival, they will need something useful for the survival, they acts aggressively covering their needs because it is kind of stimulant for them. It is natural people feel they have to find it if the stimulant (the need) rose. Unfortunately, stimulants will continuously appear even we accomplished one. This is a result of the circumstances pressure which brings another stimulant as the last one filled. For example, a baby will need only foods and drinks, as the stimulants, for their survival in their beginning years. When they were grown, they’ll need something more for their survival. Perhaps they will need shelter for their safety and many other stimulant will rises for supporting their survival and other needs as the time goes on.

The basic needs of human are the needs called by Abraham Maslow as Deficit Needs, the physiological needs, the safety and security needs, the love and belonging needs, and the esteem needs. This deficit term appears as the effect of the availability, when it is on the low level, it will stimulate people to raise the level by filling it. On its high level, it is not a stimulant any longer.

The physiological needs, the safety and security needs, and the love and belonging needs are most needed, though the esteem needs belongs to the deficit needs, something made it placed in the transition between the basic needs and the advanced needs of human. The esteem needs divide into two parts; they are a lower one and a higher one. The lower one is covering need for the respect of others, the need for status, fame, glory, recognition, attention, reputation, appreciation, dignity, and dominance. The higher one involves the need for self-respect, including such feelings as confidence, competence, achievement, mastery, independence, and freedom. In conclusion, the lower emerges as the effect of the outside, while the higher comes from our self. Normally we have to accomplish the basic before move to the advance.

The deficit needs are basically comes from our self as the demand of survival. This is the first tasks we have to complete before moved to the advance. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy lo level up as a transition level hinders us as a test to the next level. It’s kind of test. The previous explanation stated that lower esteem needs emerge as the effect of the outside due to fulfilled basic needs. Then it glares around giving appreciation even high status lead us to the fake happiness. At the end this fake happiness brings us to anxiety when others stole our light. In the other words, lower esteem needs easily achieved not to...
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