Unequal and Unethical Treatment of Women in the Middle East

Topics: Domestic violence, Human rights, Middle East Pages: 4 (1384 words) Published: January 2, 2012
History shows many instances of discrimination and unequal rights for women. Women have been looked down upon and been abused by men in many different countries and cultures. There is a history for inequity of women, especially domestic violence and abuse. These dilemmas have been going on for the many years in the past, and are still going on today, especially in Middle Eastern countries.

One major aspect of the situation of abuse towards women is involved with marriage. In many Middle Eastern countries, it is common for parents to arrange or even force a marriage, and for the children to have no say in it (Child Brides). I believe that this is a large part of the cause for aggression and abuse against the women. In an article from Gaza City called Abuse of Women Still Rife in Palestinian Life, Says Study¬, a girl named Saana described how she had to endure beating from her father and then her husband as well. Saana’s father arranged a marriage for her, and in the second week of marriage her husband started beating her. He had no apparent reason for beating her. Also, after marrying this man, Saana found out that he had been conducting another relationship with a 15-year-old girl. Her husband eventually dumped her back at her parents’ house. In this culture, divorced women have very bad reputations, no matter what the situation is. Because of this, Saana returned home from her physically abusive husband to verbal abuse from her father. Studies in Gaza show that “…more than one in five women say they suffer physical domestic violence but there is not a single women's shelter.” (Abuse of Women). Although many women are being abused, the government is doing very little, if anything to help them. Even law enforcement officers are very biased. There is basically nothing keeping men from abusing women. Penalties for men who kill or hurt their wives are very insignificant. Also, only male relatives are allowed to file incest...
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