Unemployment Graduetes

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  • Published : June 26, 2011
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* Unemployed graduates have become common problem in Malaysia even in the world. Why are there so many graduates who are unemployed? And what factors lead the problem?

* For many years, the issue cropped up again and again, made the news headlines, and even hit the parliament.

* You should be know, when u passed a degree scroll , its not mean your automatic passport to employment. Higher education is no longer a symbol to u easy got a job

* Nowadays, the employer will find the worker who had a lot of experienced one compared to the one without experience.

* This scenario reveals that, there izs a skills gap between what skills are required by employers and what skills graduates have.

* Lack of experience and skills are also causes of graduate unemployment. private sector today is not interested in recruiting local graduates because they lack essential skills, such as proficieny in English and interpersonal skills.

1. Economy
Firstly, the economy factor also causes why fresh graduate unemployed. The changing of the economic from manufacturing sector to services sector. The services sector requires people who do not only possess the right technical knowledge, but also those who possess the right soft skills – interpersonal, communication, wisdom, maturity and are business oriented.

2. Quality of education
every year the country produces more and more brilliant students.
increasing number of straight A students in SPM.
also easier to find degree holders with first class honors.
My own experience ,4-5 first class graduates for an interview and in the end rejected them all…
Most academic in Malaysia feel that the education system is only concerned with results.

3.Choosy job seekers and Choosy employers
-the graduate sometimes is very choosy when applying for their job and the employer is very choosy as well.
-Nowadays, candidates are expecting job offer to come with a package: a good pay, convenient...
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