Understanding Social Perception & Managing Diversity

Topics: Gender, Woman, Psychology Pages: 4 (1339 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Understanding Social Perception & Managing Diversity

Perception can and is influenced by a number of different things whether from the things that is read, seen on television, or simply from what we retain from family and friends. The way that perception is interpreted determines how we perceive people or our surrounding. Steve Harvey film and book Act like a Lady Think like a Man elaborates on how the perception between genders, as well as the diversity that distinguishes the communication barriers between men and women and helps to break down that barrier. In the text Organizational Dynamics and Human Behavior (second edition) major component of social perception and the Kelley’s Model of Attribution are reflected in Act like a Lady Think like a Man and will be elaborated on how it all relates throughout our discussion. Act like a Lady Think like a Man shines light on how men and women perception of the opposite gender is totally different. A woman may view all men in a negative light based off of one negative out come and a man will put every woman in the same category based off of what a woman requires. With both genders categorizing each other the text refers to this as stereotyping. Stereotyping occurs when individuals are placed into categories. For example Act like a Lady Think like a Man placed men in to the different categories Momma’s Boy which is a man who has yet to let go of his mother and tend to his woman, then there is the non committer who is a man who is not willing to go to the next phase which is marriage, the dreamer who will not just focus on accomplishing one task at a time but doesn’t seem to know what and how to implement his plan, and then there is the player who just simply will not commit to anyone due to the desire and challenge in playing the game. Act like a Lady Think like a Man is a guide for women to understand how to perceive men. Steve Harvey has simplified by encoding the males perception of a females, which means...
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