Understanding my Family Tree with the Help of a few Pictures

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Sheryl Moppin
Descriptive Essay

My Family

I always hated doing my family tree. The reason for this, is because I really don’t know much about my grandparents. My grandparents passed away before I was born. The only thing I have of them are pictures. These pictures are not color. They are black and white. So, I am guessing these were taken sometime in the early 20’s or 30’s.

Some of these pictures are faded. By looking at the pictures I can see a lot of history. My grandparents bootlegged moonshine. At that time alcohol was illegal. This didn’t stop my grandparents. They had their own saloon. The picture tells me that my grand parents didn’t care about the law. As long as they made money, which they did.

They also had a bartender to serve the alcohol. The picture also shows my grandma, standing by the bar standing proud. My grandma looked like she was well to do off. Meaning that she had money. This was the depression, money was scarced. She looks like she’s wearing a expensive dress with high heels, along with a leather hand bag.

The saloon is outside, not sure where. I see dirt for the ground. There is a stone in front of the bar that says “no parking”. Above the bar there is another sign that says “open all night”. So where ever this place was at it was out in the open. There is another man standing to the left, holding a moonshine jug, as if it was a first place prize he had won at a fair. The shelves were stocked with bottles of liquor. All of them in a neat row. This picture shows the pride my grandparents had in breaking the law. The next picture I had looked at shows a younger version of my grandparents. I would guess their age to be in their early 20’s but not more than 30 years old. They are standing together near some brush. Wearing their best clothes.

My grandma is wearing makeup. The black and white picture shows darker around the eye area and around the lips. My grandpa is wearing a hat, that is round. The hat...
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