Understand the Purpose and Characteristics of Assessment for Learning

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Understand the purpose and characteristics of assessment for learning

The learning support practitioner and the teacher work together within the school setting. The teacher ultimately has main responsibility in the classroom and has the role of planning the lesson around the curriculum so that it is suitable for that particular class. They are to adapt and set work that is of a standard that the pupils can complete. If there are different abilities in the class he/she must create work that is specific for those pupils even if it means drawing up more than one task. The teacher is responsible for teaching the lesson and explaining it to the pupils. When he/she have finished the initial teaching of the lesson and the children are completing their task, the teacher must monitor the children’s success with observation. After the task is complete it is mainly the teacher’s role to mark the children’s work. This will give her and idea of their ability. The teacher will then record how well the pupils did. This means that she can look back and analyse whether the pupils are progressing in their ability or not. Normally at the end of a unit, term or a year there would be a test to be completed by the learner’s this would be made prepared by the teacher. He/she would be compiling these tests again with the pupil’s abilities in mind. The tests may be different to some pupils or even every pupil. This will also help the teacher distinguish whether or not the children are succeeding with their learning or where they still need help. From these tests the teacher will give feedback to the child’s parents/carer or the headmaster and other professionals through verbal communication or written reports. The written reports can be used consistently throughout the year so as the teacher can assess the achievement of the pupils. The teacher will have composed IEP’s for pupils who have special educational needs (SEN). This describes the goals set for a child during the school...
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