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  • Published : February 25, 2014
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It took many years of struggling with the idea to return to college, before I began my journey in the spring session at the School of New Resources at College of New Rochelle in 2010. At first it didn’t seem possible with the countless obstacles I would face. Juggling the duties of running a household, providing for a sick elderly grandmother and having a full time job was overwhelming to say the least. I am pleased to say a few months ago the once absurd idea of pursuing a college education was made possible. I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Psychology. There is a bitter sweetness associated with accomplishing my goals a part of me is saddened. My elderly grandmother that I cared for had died; it was heartbreaking I would not be able to share the great news with her. In the time leading to her demise, I met the most caring, sincere and passionate social workers, counselors, and nurses. These individuals provided me with a sense of hope and security when administering to my loved one, in such a tumultuous time. My Grandmothers support and guidance over the years has taught me to be resilient, her kindnesses have shown me how to be compassionate for people of all ages. One day I plan to touch the lives of an individual and /or families similar to the experience I had with my grandmother’s staff. The next chapter of my journey is to pursue a Master Degree in Mental Health Counseling. Attending the College of New Rochelle Graduate School will challenge my intellectual and emotional growth while learning core standards of counseling. This program will teach the required coursework to counsel people dealing with life and

behavioral issues. As well as providing the skills for individuals to cope with mental and emotional disorders. I look forward to a highly productive career as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor; trained in analysis, psychotherapy and prevention. My goal is to have ability to help develop skills and strategies...
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