Underground Railroad

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Knowing ones self is an invaluable gift. Many people believe they know themselves by knowing what they like or dislike, how they dress , the company they keep and so forth. There is an underlying and overlooked complicity to really know ones self. For many of us it is only in our imaginations where we come from. Given the fact we know we are from parts our parents, grandparents , great-grand parents, what does that mean ? Where did we come from? In this society with the ideas of ethnocentrism, I believe the same mentality is applied to individuals everyday life meaning, only the here and now matters and what is presently happening impacts the future. This idea has been passed to Americans because todays America is composed of the majority of citizens, besides Native Americans, form different geographical positioning and embracing different cultural views. The forced assimilation of these various different cultures has led us in the direction of who we really are individually and as a culture. There are individual struggles recorded in History that truly have molded who are and how we have become who we are. The story of Conversations with Harriet Tubman is truly a journey that begins by knowing who we are as people but searching for clues to tie together family folklore, true history and how the past fits in with the present and will continue to shape the future. It is a blessing the family you come from was determined to teach a everlasting lesson that went further back than your mother but she carried on the action she was taught, help without question and giving out of love. The search for true good and understanding was passed down to you and your children. An “educational field trip ? “ , one may ask , how could children be interested if we are not going to find a gigantic amusement park. I believe their curiosity to learn more about who they are is wonderful and is not common place for many. Having a strong foundation of the family is so important to ensure...
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