Uncle Toms Cabin

Topics: Slavery, American Civil War, Slavery in the United States Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a very influential and somewhat ironic book that has raised a lot of controversy over the years. It is also said to be the cause of the civil war between the north and the south. In the story can families being devastated because of the selling of their children and significant others. We also see the major difference between the north and the south. Every slaves dream was to be free, and freedom was in the north. I say that this particular book is very ironic because it introduces readers to the idea of a good/nice slave owner. The character Mr. Shelby is the character that Stowe uses to portray this. Shelby is very good to his slaves unlike most slave owners who were very harsh and cruel to their slaves. I say that Shelby is the “good” slave owner because he shows some feelings towards his slaves. Shelby is forced to sell some of his best slaves to Mr. Haley because he is in debt. He decides on selling 2 slaves to Haley, Uncle Tom and Harry; the son of a slave named Eliza. Shelby didn’t want to sell but he knew that he had to. The fact that Shelby was sort of reluctant in selling Eliza’s son harry shows to me that even though he owned slaves he might be sort of a decent human being. After the deal had been made Shelby tells his wife and she is outraged; she expresses to him that she believes that slavery is evil and that he shouldn’t have sold Harry. This to me is very ironic because when I think of slavery, I think of the slave masters that don’t care about breaking up families and further ruining lives just for their own personal gain, you don’t usually think of a slave owner being good. In my opinion there is no such thing as a good slave master, owning another human being is simply immoral. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a book that over the years has raised a lot of controversy. When the book was first published people were outraged and offended. I’m not sure why people were offended because I believe that Stowe told the...
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