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Umoyo Community Youth Organization
Monitoring and Evaluation Plan Report

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background
Umoyo community organization is a youth member based organization that is located in Lusaka District. Its main objective is to sensitize the youth in the age 15-24 in healthy matters especially issues around HIV/AIDS awareness in the district. It has been scientifically observed that the above population is much more vulnerable to HIV AIDS infection within the province. Therefore Umoyo youth organization would like to implement a project proposal that will develop a mechanism to reduce vulnerability to ill health and early death and increase awareness of issues around male circumcision and HIV using comprehensive information and communication. The organization would also like to increase community mobilization for male circumcision advocacy and enhance dialogue with civil society and other key stakeholders in order to roll out the entire program. 1.2 Program and Geographical Spread

The main aim of the umoyo community program is to control the HIV epidemic using comprehensive information and communication to bring about social change which will expectedly trigger positive attitudes towards adopting male circumcision as an HIV prevention strategy among youths in Lusaka District from 2013 to 2017. The following activities will be undertaken in order to achieve the above mentioned goals and objectives; * Train CB volunteers and peer educators on advocacy skills, mc and HIV prevention. * Train local health workers on communication strategies of working with youths. * Implement the male circumcision and HIV youth radio program using community radio stations * Hold interface meetings with youths in the community to share mc and HIV prevention information * Produce and distribute IEC materials to youths on mc and HIV prevention. 1.3 Stakeholders

In order to further sustainability in the fight against HIV/AIDS a number of stakeholders will be engaged within the program. Each stakeholder will have a different role to play so as to leverage impact. For example, Society for Family Health will be the main financial sponsor, MOH will provide health workers and ensure that the project is within the country HIV AIDS policy, community radio stations will provide information by airing the program etc. It is hoped that the mult-stakeholder process will do the following; create meaningful dialogue, provide mutual and collective learning through experience, give feedbacks and checks and lastly help to manage for results.

1.4 Monitoring and Evaluation
In the project implementation process, monitoring and evaluation will be very essential as a component; particularly it will help us achieve the following; * Measuring program achievements and therefore provide accountability for results * Document consensus and provide transparency to relevant stakeholders * Preserve institutional memory (institutional management information system). * Guide the implementation of M & E activities in a standardized and coordinated way. * To fulfill donor’s reporting requirements

* To assess progress towards the objectives
Since this program has main activities, they will be monitored through organized meetings with stakeholders, participating and collection of information on how the trainings/workshops are organized and providing consistent checks and feedbacks. It will consider the following; a. Availability of funds and timeliness

b. Training and adequacy of the staff
c. Training of CB volunteers and educators
d. Multi-stakeholder forum processes
e. Roll out of program on radio
f. Production and distribution of IEC materials
The evaluation of the project will be done through using focus group discussions and collecting and analyzing baseline information of ZDHS before and after the project. Key areas to be assessed will include; a. Who has been trained and how many...
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