Ultimate Gifts Reflection

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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In the movie The Ultimate Gift, the main character James has to do several tasks in order to get his inheritance from his recently dead grandfather. Throughout his tasks he learns many valuable lessons about being a good person, and living life not only for himself, but to help others. All through out this movie there were universal themes that were presented; such as, the massive conflict that was taking place within James another universal theme which was shown in this movie was the ability to have trust in people.

In the movie he received 12 different gifts that required different task for him to accomplish. One of them was the gift of friendship. In this he had to go out, and make a legitimate friend since he had to do this with out money, he had quite a bit of trouble because all of his older “friends” were around because he had significant amount of money. At first he was giving up because he thought it was a dumb task, but he realized that he had to complete it to get his inheritance. He was finally able to bribe a mother and her daughter into being his friend; however, in the end it turned out that they fell in love, but the little girl died. This gift is so important because he will need to know how to make true friends. This turned out to be a very happy gift for him, and I think that he actually enjoyed it. The second gift he received was the gift of work. He had to go to Texas and work for a man building fence; consequently, he learned how to work which he had never done in the past because he was born in to a wealthy family. This was important because he never worked, and if he was going to inherit the family fortune then he will need to know how to work, and run a business. The last gift he received was the gift of dreams, after he got 100,000,000 dollars he started a foundation for people that were terminally ill, he did not have a dream of his own, but Emily inspired him to help others dreams come true. This gift turned out to be very important...
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