Ucr vs. Csudh

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Maricela Hernandez
24 May 2013
Colleges and Universities
The worries of colleges and universities start to come during high school years. In my case, I am barely a sophomore and I am already worried about which colleges or universities I want to go to. For now, I have chosen University of Riverside and California State University Dominguez Hills, because I know that I will be close to my home and family. I don’t know if by two years I’ll still want one of those universities, but I do think they are a good option. These two universities have a few similarities and many differences, starting from the weather to admission requirements and differ on anything else.

University of Riverside and California State University Dominguez Hills are similar in weather. Some days are cold and some days are hot. Both universities are three hours away from Imperial Valley. I like that from both I would be close to my house and family. Both universities are public meaning everybody around the world can go to them. Both have a few international students. In both universities, you need to take the SAT and ACT exams as an admission requirement.

The first difference between both universities is demographics and enrollment. In UCR there are fifty-two percent of females and forty-eight percent males. In CSUDH there are sixty-six-point-five females and thirty-three-point-five percent males. The enrollment size differs so much between both universities. For Riverside the enrollment size is twenty two thousand seven hundred forty-six. The enrollment size for Dominguez Hills is fourteen thousand four hundred thirty-eight.

Another distinction is the students who live on campus and who receive financial aid. I think that these numbers will be very small since they only require freshman to live on campus. At the University of Riverside only thirty percent of students live on campus. At Dominguez Hills, forty-five percent of the students live on campus. Seventy-five...
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