Types of Soccer Strikers Around the World

Topics: Association football, La Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Types of Soccer Strikers around the World
Striking in soccer is not an easy job that every single player can do. That is why there are two or three strikers in each team. They are who score against the opposing team and lead the team to win. Today players are becoming more creative with their ways to score because strikers can dribble more and try to make goals different. Most strikes do not find free kicks and penalties as a good way to score because these are when the ball is not moving. Definitely, every soccer league around the world, such as English Premier League o Spanish League, has different kinds of strikers on their teams. Some of them tend to be more creative on their dribbling and techniques than others, or maybe they just are in the right moment to score. Many soccer managers think different about strikers. They might want one who can score easily, or one who can make the score interesting. Our parents have grow up with strikers like Pelé, Diego Armando Maradona, or Hugo Sanchez, but actually we have strikers with the same ability or more than them. Even though, these icons of soccer have caught our attention with many of their amazing goals that will be in soccer memories forever. However, there are different kind of soccer strikers that are significant for each team including creative strikers, opportunistic strikers, classy strikers, and free kickers and penalty strikers. One of the most common types of strikers we have in the soccer world is creative strikers. This kind of strikers tends to dribble in all of their plays. They try to make goals more creative and amazing. Even if they get an easy opportunity they make it creative to catch the fan’s attention. Fans are who enjoy these kinds of plays and players. We found in the Spanish League many players with these abilities. Lionel Messi ,a Barcelona’s FC player considered as the best player of the world, is one of the best strikers that Spanish League has. Messi owns a very...
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