Types of Military Leaders

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Types of Military Leaders
The Military is one of the largest corporations in the United States of America looking for successful leader’s every day. They offer many developmental classes, schools and academies that give you the tools to become a successful leader. Like most jobs there is a pyramid effect of leadership roles. This pyramid role is called a chain of command in the military. Each leadership role is just as important as the one appointed above them and is only as strong as its weakest link. There are several types of leaders that dictate our military; authoritative, hands-on and hands-off. Each type of leader possesses different qualities which make the outcome of their work diverse. Authoritative leaders are born to be a leader. These are leaders who have a natural instinct on how to take control of a group and get the job done. They are the type of person you either love or hate. Authoritative leaders are very meticulous and strict on how they want to accomplish a task. It’s either their way or the highway. This can be very draining on the soldiers that work for them. Authoritative leaders can take two separate approaches in leading their soldiers. They either let the power get to their heads and bark orders killing the moral of the soldiers they work with. The other approach of authoritative leadership is someone who delegates work by asking for help on what needs to be accomplished, making it a much more comfortable environment to work in. These separate approaches can dictate the outcome of the work being performed by their soldiers which can either make or break their leadership role.

Hands-on leaders are one of the most effective leaders in the military. These are leaders who don’t mind getting their hands dirty and take initiative in getting the job done. They are leaders who want to lead by example and are not afraid to take the blame if something goes wrong. Hands-on leaders are very well communicator’s, open to...
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