Types of Interest Groups

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Unit Review

Themes and Concepts to Remember:
Types of Interest groups
Success factors of an Interest group
Targets of Interest groups
Pressure GroupsA Pressure group is a group that seeks to influence government policy without contesting elections. Its characteristics include: seeking to bring political change, network with other groups, vital participants in policy, provide services, and consist of an internal organization with a democratic structure. Pressure groups are also synonymous with interest groups and advocacy groups. Categorization of Interest Groups

Before identifying the types of interest groups, it is perhaps important to place these groups into different categories. The following diagram illustrates the different categories of interest groups.

Customary groups = These groups are not created for specific purposes but simply part of the social fabric. They have no formal organization and examples of this group include tribes, caste of ethnic groups. Institutional groups = These are larger groups with a more formal role in society. For example, the military and churches fall under this category. Protective groups =These groups represent the material interests of their members, for example, a union or employers groups. Promotional groups = These groups are not particularly concerned with the personal material welfare of their members, but rather are concerned with broader quality of life issues such as eco groups and woman’s rights groups. Types of Interest Groups

Business – This group is the most powerful of all the interest groups and consists of more than 600 different groups. They usually advocate for grants, subsidies, tariffs, tax write-offs, loan guarantees, and policy changes. Examples: Canadian Council of Chief Executives Labor –is a powerful force in Canada, approx one out of every three paid workers outside agriculture is a member of labour union. Labor based...
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