Types of Computers

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  • Published : November 24, 2011
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Types of computers
Firstly, what is a computer? Well, a modern computer is typically an electronic or digital device that manipulates data. Computers can execute a pre-recorded list of instructions know as a “programme”. Large amounts of data can be stored on computers and be quickly accessed, edited and stored. When it comes to computers there are several different types: * High Performance System (HPS)

* Workstations
* Personal Computer
* Laptop / Notebook
* Palmtop
These different types of machines are used for a wide range of various tasks. High Performance System
High performance systems also known as HPS can describe several computers such as: Supercomputer
A very expensive machine, which is to be expected as supercomputers are immensely powered machines capable of performing hundreds of millions of calculations every second. They are employed for specific applications such as the analysis of geographical data or scientific simulation. Mainframe

Again, an expensive machine. Mainframe computers are multi-user and are capable of supporting thousands of users concurrently. They are used primarily by large organizations and the government for critical applications that require bulk data to be processed. Minicomputer

Mainframe Computer System

It is another class of computer that supports multiple users, although not as powerful as a mainframe computer, minicomputer can still support hundreds of users simultaneously.

A Workstation is powerful computer, they are single user machines although they are typically linked together to for a Local Area Network (LAN) in a business environment but can be used as stand alone machines. The power of a workstation exceeds that of a personal computer in both the capability of its microprocessor power, and in general. Even though they are more powerful than personal computer microcomputers are almost never used as an alternative for personal work....
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