Two Side to Every Story

Topics: Jack Kevorkian, Ethics, Suicide Pages: 4 (1410 words) Published: December 19, 2011
Assisted Suicide 1

Assisted Suicide: Two Sides To Every Story Stephanie Jarvis Phil 201 Critical Thinking Professor: Roxanne Carr April 1, 2008

Assisted Suicide 2 Abstract

In this research paper it is going to show how hard of an ethical decision assisted suicide can be. Not only for the patient but for the doctor’s and families as well. Many terminally ill patients are questioning assisted suicide but do not know of any other alternatives. The patient just thinks they are putting a financial and emotional strain on their families and think death is the only way out. World famous Dr. Kavorkian better known as “Dr. Death” is a doctor who knows what these terminally ill patients are going through and helps with their end of life wishes. Although, assisted suicide is always going to be an ethical issue it is also a huge legal problem around the world.

Assisted Suicide 3 Assisted Suicide: Two Sides To Every Story

When a person must make an ethical decision it can be a tough job. Knowing what is right and wrong does not always come easy to many people. These decisions are usually based on a persons family, friends, religion, culture and surroundings. The purpose of this paper is to research the ethical issues of assisted suicide. This topic...
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