Two Angles of Vision

Topics: Olfaction, Ice, Odor Pages: 3 (1175 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Korah Agre
January 26, 2011
Two Angles of Vision
Part A: Positive Description
As I sit here staring at these whites walls, I find it very easy to ponder with my artistic thoughts. They look as though they are waiting to be filled with memories and creative ideas. The strangely arranged area shows the unique, fun, and creative personalities of the beings that live in this enclosed room; it’s almost as if a burst of happiness blew up in here the night before today. Ryan Sheckler, taking up one large portion of the wall is extremely inviting and dreamy to look at, I gaze into his eyes every time I look up and ponder.

The sweet discussions between best friends make me feel like we are a close family that will always be there through the thick and the thin. I hear the continuous jams playing out of a laptop; it’s comforting like I’m sitting at a poolside enjoying the evening’s sunset. The TV’s resonance sings as if two young teenagers have fallen in love first the first time. Wrapping it all together I hear a humming from the bathroom that as if I was sitting on my grandma’s porch, sipping ice tea, reminiscing about back in the good old days.

The delightful scent of meadows and rain feels like I’m resting in a cool, green jungle. As I run my fingers over the smooth touch of the keys, I feel as though my fingertips are ice-skating across a just worked ice arena. A sweet taste loiters my mouth as I continue chewing on a refreshing piece of gum, like a burst of clean. Part B: Negative Description

As I sit here staring at these white walls, I start to feel like I’m locked up in an insane asylum waiting to be let out. It seems like a tornado has wiped through this strangely arranged area, how someone could live in such a dirty/ messy area blows my mind. Then I look up, and find Ryan Sheckler standing still on one of the walls as he stares at me like I am a dead fish in the water.

Girls are talking as if they can’t get a word in the...
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