Turkish Airlines

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Capitalism's last evolved version: neo-liberalism is in the every corner of the world now. In this system, one of the most important, main subject is free trade. Some people think we shouldn't import. They say when we buy product, GNP can't improve. In other hand, some people say we should import. They think everybody should specialize in best product. Thus, products are getting more economic. However, I don't believe that we can't make a decision about what is import and export. It is very difficult to understand this topic because many firms contribute for one product's manufacturing. So, we can not say that is import and export because everbody needs everyone. There are some reasons lead people to import. These are techinical causes, entrepreneurial firm's causes and economic causes lead to import. The first reason why I do not support that idea is that there are several different technical causes about manufacture of a product. So, firms import. These causes are talented employees, sub-structure and raw materials. Firstly, in countries there may not be talented employees. Such, the firms import product from other countries. Secondly, sub-structure of the firm may not be enough. For example, some firms buy technical equipment of the product from other firms when they haven't got the product. For example, iPod's producers haven'nt got all materials that produce iPod. They import them. Finally, some countries haven't got raw metarials. Hence, firms have to import from other countries. To conclude, there are some distinct technical reasons for the product. We can say these are skillful workers, the infrastructure and commodity. Another reason why I am against that idea is that there are several causes lead to entrepreneurial firm. These causes are design, marketing and patent. At first, some firm design a part as qualty. In this way, we have to import that product. Besides, some firms can market well from other...
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