Tui His101 Module 1 Case Assignment

Topics: Dow Jones Industrial Average, Communication, Public relations Pages: 4 (1234 words) Published: May 9, 2012

Module 1 Case Assignment: The Second Industrial Revolution and International Relations

HIS 101: Modern World History

Dr. Christopher Johnson

April 20, 2012

Advances in technology always have and always will shape the way we interact with one another as individuals and as a society. Innovations introduced during the second industrial revolution have had perhaps the largest impact on international relations than any other period in time. New technology has opened borders and greatly expanded access to other previously unreachable societies. A communication that once took weeks to arrive now does so in only seconds. This change in accessibility is increased the scope of what your “neighbor” is. A neighbor is a person who is directly impacted by your actions. With the advancements in technology recently revealed, the whole world is our neighbor, and we need to get along to survive. Communication:

Perhaps the most influential changes and advances in technology that have occurred in the second industrial revolution are those that support communication. In early American colonial days, a message could take days to get from one colony to the next, and perhaps months to cross the Atlantic back to England. Now, instant communication is at our fingertips. We share stories with loved ones through social media sites and develop new business partnerships through conference calls. There is nowhere on the planet that is out of our reach. With that increased accessibility comes an increased responsibility for stewardship. We can utilize this improved access to communications to foster relationships and strengthen international relations. Conversely, swift communications can be used to unite forces aimed at harming our way of life. As explained by Alex Kotok in his paper “Public Diplomacy and Information Technology: America’s Semi-Secret Weapons” simplified access to international communication can be used to support...
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