Tuareg Tribe

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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The Tuareg tribe can also be spelled as Touareg pronounced twa-reg. This tribe rules throughout the deserts of Africa, especially the region of the Sahara desert. Keeling (2012:28) reports that the Tuareg tribe consists of roughly 1 million members. The tribe lives across a range of countries in the north-western region of the Sahara. This includes countries such as Morocco, Niger, Algeria and Libya. Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 6th edition (2011:1) adds that due to various droughts and famine during the 70’s many of the Tuaregs had to move to urban areas in order to survive. Many remained in these areas abandoning the nomad lifestyle and continued to live as farmers. During the last couple of years the tribe has been introduced into public eye through the media, after years of a low-profile existence. They were introduced in the movies, Sahara (2005) and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (2010) and in 2003 Volkswagen launched an off-road rage called Touareg that was inspired by the tribe’s unique travelling skills..Their on-going involvement in political rebellions has made their tribe also a known name under news broadcasts. Bleeker (1964:28) reports that the tribe has no written records therefore there are no records of their true origin. Legends of the tribe say that they come from the North of Africa. The history of the tribe was pieced together by historians through diggings, rock paintings and memories. The Tuareg tribe is also known as the desert gypsy’s of the Sahara. Seligman (2006:56) explains that the Tuareg tribes are known for their excellent traveling and navigations skills in the desert. During the 19th century European travellers made extensive use of the Tuareg people as guides. They traditionally functioned an a feudal system. (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 6th edition, 2011:1). The tribe is stereotyped into a very hostile and violent tribe. Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 6th edition (2011:1) mentions that the tribe has a reputation as...
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